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How to order and use a web-voucher? Do you want to give someone a voucher as a present so this person can create its own ring? Fine! That is why we launched the web-voucher. Just follow the link to the web-voucher and enter the name of the presentee. Following enter the value of the web-voucher in € and press the button "create voucher". The web-voucher is now added to your cart and can be payed during your checkout. You will receive your web-voucher including the voucher-code within three weekdays by mail. Attention: the web-voucher is redeemable in this online-shop only! To redeem this voucher, you just have to enter your voucher-code during the checkout.
Where can I register? To register click here.
Is the jewellery made from genuine materials? Each item is made from 925 sterling silver (by Degussa).
Do prices for earrings refer to pairs? All earrings prices are by pair (except for the Sali series).
Do you offer custom-made jewellery? We have specialized in the production of small series. Therefore we do not offer one-off products. However, we would be glad to give you an estimate for making a minimum of 30 items per design.
Do you have a catalogue? We do not have a printed catalogue.
You are welcome to download a working catalogue as PDF file:
ring ding catalogue download as PDF file
Complete catalogue download as PDF file (only recommended if you have a fast DSL access)

How do I clean the jewellery? Please click here for detailed instructions
What is 'gold-plated'?

Gold plating means applying an extra-thick electro-plated layer of gold (about 3/1000mm) of 24ct (fine gold). It is approximately 10 times as thick as "usual" gold colour plating. In jewellery which is continuously exposed to mechanical wear (such as rings) this layer will wear away over time. In case of silver jewellery, it is technically impossible to avoid this effect.

Am I an 'existing' or a 'new' customer? All customers who have already placed and order with us are registered on our database.
Even if your order was placed years ago you will be recognized as an 'existing customer'.

AGB (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen