How to clean your jewellery

Silberwerk. jewellery has been treated to improve tarnish resistance.

All our jewellery items have been coated to improve tarnish resistance. The ultra-thin coating is applied in a special bath. The advantage of this technique is that the beautiful satin shine of our matt-finished surfaces will not change in colour. The disadvantage is that the extremely thin coat will wear off due to friction when the item is used, which will result in the natural oxidization process starting again. In silver jewellery, oxidization can only be avoided in the long term by applying a lacquer coating or by electroplating rhodium or other materials. However, we cannot accept this option, mainly because it would lead to the silver losing its unique beautiful lustre.

Restoring the items to their original condition

Every piece of jewellery needs regular care. Particularly silver, the brightest-coloured precious metal, tends to oxidize even when just exposed to normal air. Exposure to direct sunlight, sweat, cosmetics, make-up or hair spray may increase this effect.

Removing ordinary dirt

All you need to clean these items is a solution of mild soap and water and a soft tooth brush. Then rinse them with clear water and dry them with a soft lint-free cloth. Use a scouring pad (such as 'Akopads') to renew the matt finish by brushing in one direction with an even motion (avoid contacting pearls, lapis, cubic circonia etc). Gold-plated items must not be matt-finished with a pad! Use a damp cloth only to clean jewellery containing lapis lazuli, turquoise, malachite or pearls.

Removing heavier dirt

Please use a customary silver cleaning solution, following the enclosed instructions (not to be used on pearls, lapis lazuli, turquoise and malachite!). Then renew the matt finish with a scouring pad brushing in one direction with an even motion.