... to RING DING. We are delighted that you have decided to purchase items from our jewellery collection.We have summarised some of the most important aspects of caring for your jewellery below to ensure that you will enjoy wearing it for many years to come. All pieces of jewellery manufactured at the silberwerk. workshop are either 999 fine silver, 18cct gold or ruthenium plated 925 Sterling Silver and tarnish-resistant.
Screw the individual parts together as tightly as possible; we recommend doing this on a firm surface – such as a table – to ensure that you do not lose any of the parts. It's easy; you will soon get the hang of it! Please note: the small black rubber ring
Clean jewellery with water and washing-up liquid, then dip it into a silver bath. Take care not to leave the jewellery in the silver bath longer than stated. Rinse with clean water afterwards and dry using a paper towel; shake the piece of jewellery well to ensure that the thread is completely dry.
Store your jewellery in a dry area as moisture can lead to tarnishing. Jewellery storage boxes are available from specialist retailers, as is our white painted wooden RING DINGcollection storage box with glass insert.
We also offer a replating service if the gold plating has been damaged by mechanical abrasion. For a service fee, specialist retailers will send your piece of jewellery to us for restoration. We hope that you will enjoy your silberwerk. RING DING